“Start A Blog And Make Your First Post In 20 Minutes Or Less. Click Play And Follow Along…”

 Click here now to start a blog and follow along with the video. You will literally have a blog of your very own before the end of the video.

Smoking, drinking and blogging. The life of a full time blogger.
Smoking, drinking and blogging. The life of a full time blogger.


On this page you’ll learn how to start a blog and make your first post in less than fifteen minutes. It’s super easy, pretty much anyone can do it. I used to work in the oilfield running heavy equipment and I figured it out!

You can use a blog for entertainment, to change the world, to make money, or some combination of those three.

Perez Hilton’s blog is worth about a hundred million dollars and all he does is sell advertising space. Pretty wild ha? All you have to do is get people’s attention and get them to keep coming back to your site and you’ll be pretty much home free.

You can also use a blog to do some direct selling. Pick out an affiliate product or even create your own product to sell to your readers.

I’ve got a few blogs, several for making money, one for fun, and one for sharing my political opinions in an attempt at making the world a better place. I also manage blogs for a few local businesses.

Whatever your goal, once your blog is set up the choice is yours. Just watch the video and follow along to set up your blog and get started!

When your blog is set up you can move on to step 2 where you’ll learn how to customize your blog by picking a theme, creating posts, pages, and menu’s. I’ll even show you what plugins to install and how to use them.

Step 1: Pick a domain.

Your domain is your blogs address, but people also think of it as your sites title. Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay etc… You get the idea. So you should pick something that doesn’t already mean something specific or you should pick something really highly relevant to whatever you’re going to use your blog for.

Usually you have to pay for a domain, but BlueHost will give you one for free when you use them to host your site.

That being said, just pick something and move on with your life. Getting started is half the battle so get on with it already. You can change it later if you really need to. It’s as easy as submitting a support ticket.

Step 2: Set up a hosting account.

A hosting account is like a rental agreement. Basically you’re renting space on someone else’s server so you don’t have to get one of your own. Most companies don’t own their own servers anymore.

When you’re site is big enough to need it’s own servers you’ll know that you need your own servers. For now, set up a hosting account with BlueHost. They’re the best hosting company that I know of.

They give you a free domain and a bunch of other cool stuff (including $200 worth of advertising coupons…) so it’s really a no brainer in comparison to the others that are out there.

Step 3: Install WordPress.

In geek terms, WordPress is a content management system. But it’s easier to thin of it as a self hosted website and blog builder. It’s the most commonly used website builder on earth because it’s so versatile and easy to use. I’m sure it also helps that it’s free… so for those reasons we’ll be using it as well.

BlueHost has a really simple installation process, you just have to click on a few buttons and create your login details. This is another big benefit to using BlueHost, all the other hosting services I’ve used require some technical and/or coding skills to install WordPress.

Step 4: Make your first post!

The beauty of using WordPress is that it’s so easy to create pages and posts. You just click ‘Add New Post’, type some words, ad some pictures/videos and click ‘Publish’ lol… It’s really that easy. No coding or anything technical required.

If you’ve done all that it’s time to move on to Step 2 where you’ll learn how to customize your blog by picking a theme, installing some plugins, and finally creating pages, posts, and menu’s.